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Vehicle Manager


Equipment Manager


TM Plan Generator


User Management 


Qualification Manager


Toolbox Talks 


User Analytics


Asset Management 


SSWP Builder 


Incident Reporting 


Custom Inspection Maker



Traffic Management Plan Generator 

Generate a fully compliant Chapter 8 Traffic Management Plan out on site in seconds.


  • Method Statements Included by default

  • Standard Operating Procedures included by default

  • Tablet Records location

  • Attach Site photos and Signatures to the Traffic Management Plan

  • Ability to attach a sketch to TM Plan

User Manager

Organise all your workforce by categories and access level. Have complete control over who see’s what and each users capability.


  • Contains all assigned tasks

  • Users can assign tasks to users

updated_screenshots_2_user manager.png
SSWP playstore.png

SSWP (Safe Sytems of Work Plan)

  • SSWP Can be used as site induction for users to sign

  • Hazard and Control descriptions are included

  • Unlimited amount of SSWP Templates can be made

  • Easily Print and Share signed SSWP’s

  • Attach to Job pack or complete as stand alone

  • 8 Templates included by default

Toolbox Talks

You can create your own Toolbox Talks for your workforce to present while out on site. Attach Toolbox talks to certain Jobpack's so they are filled out.

  • Full Suite already pre-loaded onto the software

  • Create your own!

  • Ensure the highest safety standards are upheld on your sites 


Document Management 

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