Ireland’s Leading Remote Management Software

Toolbox Talks 

There are over 100 Toolbox Talks available on the Prowork system. 

SSWP Templates

Our system gives you the ability to create customised SSWP's to utilise your workers time more efficiently. 

Asset Management

You can monitor all of your assets across your organisation in an efficient way.

Incident & Accident Reporting 

Our system comes pre-loaded with a suite of Incident & Accident reports, all with Follow-Up functionality.

TM Plan Generator

Generate over 950 different Traffic Management Plans. 

User Management 

Create users based on department, area and certain access levels.

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Resource Management 

Complete all regulatory and condition inspections ensuring all your resources are safe to use.

Safety Inspection Reporting

You have access to a full library of our standard Safety Inspections. You can easily customise these to suit your needs.

Remote Working Made Simple

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Some of Our Exciting Features 

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Traffic Management 

Generate a fully compliant Chapter 8 Traffic Management Plan out on site in seconds, including a sketch feature for TM designers.

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Qualification Manager

With our qualification manager, you can easily manage your workforces qualifications. Get real-time updates when qualifications are due to expire and identify areas of improvement in your workforce.

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Toolbox Talks 

You can create your own Toolbox Talks for your workforce to present while out on site. Attach Toolbox talks to certain Jobpack's so they are filled out.

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Asset Management 

Keep track of your Assets easily by making sure inspections are being done in a timely manor.